Bandpass Filter
Cavity filter designs are available in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 50 GHz and with bandwidth options from less than 0.1% to over 110%. Cavity filters offer the user very low insertion loss, steep skirt selectivity, and narrower bandwidths than discrete component filters.
Start Frequency: MHz
Cut-off Frequency: MHz
NAME Center Freq.(MHz) Freq. Range (MHz) Insertion Loss (dB) Return Loss (dB) Rejection Rejection Power Handling
HRT-BF(5800/200)-1340N 5800 5700-5900 0.5 14 ≥60dB@DC-5365MHz 50W
HRT-BF(5835/40)-1294S 5835 5815-5855 1.5 20 ≥50dB@5720-5760MHz ≥50dB@5955MHz 10W
HRT-BF(6575/1380)-789S 6575 5885-7265 0.6 14 ≥30dB@5650MHz ≥30dB@7550MHz 10W
HRT-BF(9370/160)-Q7S 9370 9290-9450 2.0 14 ≥25dBc@9240MHz ≥24dBc@9500MHz +30dBm